Bury Bach Choir singers – Tim the tenor

Whether you’re working, studying or enjoying the freedom of retirement, and whatever you sing – soprano, alto, tenor or bass – come and join us as our new term starts on 4 September.

This post features the second of three interviews with current members of the choir, to give you a bit of encouragement!

Tim is a tenor and has been in the choir for 7 years.  He works full time as a financial advisor.

‘When I first joined a choir I hadn’t sung for a long time, I could barely read music and had no idea if I was doing the right thing.  I’m not musically trained, I used to be in the church choir when I was a lad until my voice broke, and spent a large part of my adult life thinking I couldn’t sing because in my head I was still trying to reach the treble notes.  Then I joined a choir and discovered I was a tenor!’

What would you say to someone who was thinking of joining us but didn’t quite feel confident?  ‘I joined another choir first to see if I could actually do it, but looking back, I should have just jumped in with both feet and joined the Bury Bach Choir, because it doesn’t take much to get your ear in!’

‘The great thing about being in a choir is if you’re not quite sure what to do from looking at the music, if you watch the conductor and listen to the people around you, you can pick it up fairly quickly.  There’s lots of info on the net about the complexities of music, and there’s a lot you can do by ear too’.

You have a very busy job, do you ever think -  ah, I don’t really want to go to rehearsal tonight?

‘Yes, especially when it’s cold, but I never regret it afterwards because singing is good for the soul!  My job is quite pressurised, I’m having to make lots of decisions, and it’s curiously relaxing going for two hours’ rehearsal because you’re not making any decisions, you’re being told what to do in minute detail, and you can’t think about anything else!  So when I come away my mind is cleared of whatever troubles I’ve brought into the session’.

‘The greatest sense of achievement is when we’ve got to the end of a performance and I think ‘Crikey, I didn’t muck that up too badly!’

If you’re interested in joining us, find out more from our website here, or contact our New Members’ Secretary, Linda Cleveley, on 01284 703348 or 07757 316553, or newmember@burybachchoir.co.uk. 

We’ve already had several enquiries for this year, so you won’t be alone, and you will be very welcome!


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