Bury Bach Choir singers – James the bass

Whether you’re working, studying or enjoying the freedom of retirement, and whatever you sing – soprano, alto, tenor or bass – come and join us as our new term starts on 4 September.

This post features the first of three interviews with current members of the choir, to give you a bit of encouragement!

James is a bass and has been in the choir since January 2017.  He works full time as a funeral director.

James doesn’t read music, although, he says, ‘I can understand it a bit more now.  It was a bit scary to start with; I came into my first rehearsal, was handed the music and Philip said we’d start with Zadok the Priest.  I thought that’s brilliant, I know that piece, so then I picked it up’. 

‘I learn most of it by ear and try to sit between two experienced basses and listen, I can learn a lot from them.  I’ve got all the CDs, I listen to it in the car and sing along.'

Is it because he loves it so much that he’s prepared to put the work in?  ‘Yes, one of the reasons I wanted to join a choir like this was the seriousness of it  – I think well, these people have paid to come to the concert and I’ve got to do it properly’.

How does it feel to come to rehearsal after a day’s work? ‘Depending on what sort of day I’ve had, sometimes it take me a little while to get into the mood, but the warm-up is really helpful and I really enjoy rehearsals.’

‘The choir is something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m glad I’ve done it  – I’m annoyed I didn’t do it years ago!  At the end of a concert it just gives me that sense of achievement, that we’ve all created something good together.’

‘I feel sad when we leave each piece of music behind, it becomes a big part of your life and after a concert there’s a bit of a gap.  But then we come back and I think right, let’s get on with the next one now!’

If you’re interested in joining us, find out more from our website here, or contact our New Members’ Secretary, Linda Cleveley, on 01284 703348 or 07757 316553, or newmember@burybachchoir.co.uk. 

We’ve already had several enquiries for this year, so you won’t be alone, and you will be very welcome!


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